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Launched in May 2018, Vet Club is the new independent, online learning destination for Vet Clinics and Pet Store staff across Australia. Offering a variety of engaging learning activities including videos, customer role plays and learning modules.

The Vet Club model

Free to join. Free to use. Earn rewards.

For our members, it's an incentivised learning model.
Members earn reward points for each activity completed and accrue their points for eftpos gift cards and other rewards.

For our commercial partners, it’s totally accountable and results based. Clients only pay for actual completions of activities. From an ROI perspective, it’s a very clean, accountable model!

Our Platform
The platform is fully responsive across all devices and the smart backend provides members with a full history of learning and rewards and provides clients with detailed reporting and valuable member insights and feedback.

Vet Club content
Our in-house team, including writers, designers and developers, creates the full suite of engaging learning activities including videos, customers role plays and learning modules.

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